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Welcome to my website

My name is Bodhi Dietrich Ebermann

In summertime I live in Munich, in wintertime in Thailand, island Koh Phangan in springtime in Laxman Jhoula, Rishikesh, in the north of India.

One of my favorite actvities is to travel. My prefered countries are Thailand and other places in south east asia, India and Brasil.

My professional work, first as a pharmacist, later as a tantric teacher, is finished now.

Nowadays I like to share my spiritual and tantric experiences with other people.

I lead groups for Meditation,
for Creative Visualization “the Vision of life” and for Quantum Healing, known as the 2-Point Method.

Moreover I give individual Councelling Sessions for solving someones private personal problems.

Since I received the initiation for the Oneness Blessing (Deeksha) in India, at the Oneness University, I love to share this wonderful energy with others, as a Deekshagiver and
Oneness Trainer.


My teachers of Tantra- und Energywork:

M.Plesse und G.St.Clair ( Orgodynamik and Tantra)), Andro from Berlin (Tantra), Joe Kramer (Bodyelectric), Michael Barnett (Energy Work).

My spiritual teachers:

Osho, Papaji, ShantiMayi, Amma Bhagavan